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Professional Services
Aivea's complete range of Services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help organizations leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement.

At Aivea, all management, organizational and technical processes are formally defined, documented, and integrated into standard methodologies that are understood and implemented at all levels of consultants, management and staff.

Our development process is designed using SEI CMM Level 4 Managed and SCRUM practices to insure that new applications meet design, cost, schedule and performance objectives.

With development centers in India and the USA, we can provide end-to-end project execution onshore, offshore, or in a hybrid delivery mode, Aivea also sets up offshore development centers (ODCs) to serve as an extension of our customer's development and engineering organizations.

Our service practice areas include:
User Interface Design.
Application Development and Maintenance.
Customer Relationship Management.
Enterprise Content Management.
Business Intelligence Solutions.
Enterprise Resource Planning.
Software Product Engineering.
Systems Engineering and Integration.
Electronic Discovery and Records Management.
Operating as their technology partner, Aivea provides the expertise to help our clients realize their objectives. We provide:
Vertical industry domain knowledge. We know our customers' businesses.
State-of-the-art technology expertise. Our core competencies range from legacy platform integration and major enterprise applications to emerging technologies such as Microsoft.NET, and XML web services.
State- of- the- art tools to manage technology deployment.
Business transformation core competency. We know how to help our clients rapidly achieve their business transformation goals.
Highly disciplined program management and change management competence. Our robust management processes eliminate the hurdles of managing complex offsite deployments along with managing change issues at the customer location.
Organizational agility. We have the speed and flexibility to marshal local consulting support and offsite development resources into a cohesive team that delivers time-to-benefit fast .
Professional Workforce
We employ 100+ experienced and highly skilled engineers to successfully manage and solve its customers' software project challenges. Aivea project managers, technical professionals and the client representatives work as a team and deliver cost-effective solutions within rigorous time frames. We are well known as a preferred employer, attracting the best and brightest engineering and management talent.

Established Methodology
To ensure that work of the highest quality is delivered to our customers, we utilize our six sigma methodology to define and implement projects. This method maximizes the integration of people and technologies, cutting delivery time and resulting in cost savings. We have also follow SEI/CMM Level 4 Managed and SCRUM, ensuring that development work for our clients' applications are managed at a high level of quality and efficiency.

Well-developed Infrastructure
We have developed an extensive communications and technology infrastructure that facilitates the seamless integration of our on-site and off-site workforces, permitting team members in different locations to access common project information, and providing tight integration with our customers' infrastructure.

Technologies Expertise
We have project experience and expertise across multiple architectures and technologies, including emerging technologies such as data warehousing, Internet/intranet applications, wireless and object-oriented development. Because most Aivea software engineers are trained in multiple technologies and architectures, we are able to react quickly to customers' needs. Through our internal research and development group and the continuing education of our technical personnel, we ensure that our collective skill-set keeps pace with emerging technologies.

If you are interested in our Services, please contact our Consulting Services Team or e-mail us at or call locally (503) 520-9999 or toll free 1-800-779-7506.

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