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Aivea E-Commerce, Shipping and Supply Chain Management products offer customized and turn-key solutions for your business needs.

Aivea® eShip™ Web Service
Aivea® eShip™ Web Service is a SOAP/XML based Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution that provides Real-Time Shipping Rates, Shipping Label Generation, Tracking and Service Level Comparison and Selection from all major shipping carriers including FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service (USPS), DHL/AirBorne Express (DHL), Canada Post and Con-Way. Aivea® eShip™ has over 1800 deployments worldwide including E-Commerce websites, Shipping Applications, E-Business, ERP, CRM and Logistics Applications. Aivea® eShip™ supports more than 250 service levels from all the 6 major shipping carriers and support many international shipping origins, and nearly all destinations throughout the world. Aivea® eShip™ is built on Microsoft.NET 2.0 platform (ASP.NET 2.0 and C#) and our WSDL 1.1 compliant web service capabilities open the door to a ease of seamless integration with your ASP.NET/C#, ASP.NET/VB.NET, ASP, C++, SAP/ABAP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and PHP based E-Comm erce or E-Business applications, helping you increase your ROI and revenues.
Aivea® eShip Shipping Manager™
Aivea® eShip Shipping Manager™ is a web-based multicarrier shipping software that allows your company to centrally manage shipping activities across multiple carriers and corporate sites, using only a web browser and it is the easiest way to use the power of the internet to provide a scalable enterprise-wide shipping solution for your company. Your shipment processing staff and employees have an easy-to-use browser interface that enables them to quickly prepare their shipments, print shipping labels, and track their shipments. Mailroom and shipping dock personnel have a special web client to quickly weigh and process shipments, or to complete shipments that have been preprocessed by employees. Shipping management has a centralized administration tool to define shipping procedures, approved carriers and rates, and control system access, as well as to obtain centralized reports and obtain charge back info rmation.
Aivea® Customer Experience Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
Aivea® Customer Experience Portal is a robust and flexible turn-key solution, allowing you to implement effective online support channel and manage self-help resources in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Aivea Customer Experience Portal does this by combining ticketed support on the web for Microsoft CRM and an intuitive online customer interface.
Aivea® E-Discovery Project Management and Operations Management System
The volume and project management complexity of E-Discovery projects are growing exponentially in organizations at a time when your client's world is becoming increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Stakeholders are demanding 24/7 access to relevant project management information and self-service portals. Project and Operations management content has become both an asset and a liability. E-Discovery organizations need to leverage project management technology to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements for making business content traceable, secure and auditable. This challenge can be addressed by implementing an Integrated E-Discovery Project Management and Workflow system such as Aivea® eDiscovery Portal.

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