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Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Businesses today are operating in an ever more challenging landscape where customers are constantly being deluged with competitive marketing and sales messages through a variety of different mediums. Coupled with the fickleness of an increasingly sophisticated and discerning purchasing audience, attracting, servicing and retaining customers has never been so high on the boardroom agenda.

As an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner, Aivea customizes each Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 implementation for your company's unique needs, including integration with your key business systems and your corporate website. By connecting your employees to information, you empower them to start selling more effectively.
Aivea Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Services
Professional Service Description
Microsoft CRM Business Consulting
Our CRM Business Analyst and Solution Architects analyzes your existing business process and work cycle, gathers business requirements, and develops a plan for customization based on your needs.
Microsoft CRM Customization
Aivea Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Engineers perform customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for your unique business needs.
Microsoft CRM Server Installation
Our qualified CRM System Administrator first evaluates your IT infrastructure whether it is ready for Microsoft CRM server installation; report problems if any and advise on the changes in hardware or software that should be made. Then he installs the Microsoft CRM server on your server, and checks if basic functions (such as email routing) work correctly.
Microsoft CRM Data Migration
If you currently use any CRM software and decide to move to Microsoft CRM, we help you with data migration from your legacy software to Microsoft CRM. We analyze the data structure in your legacy system and find the best way to import it into Microsoft CRM.
Microsoft CRM Integration
We perform integration with SharePoint 2007 based portals, external ERP systems to improve your business productivity. Aivea's Customer Experience Portal delivers an external self service support helpdesk and knowledge base management without the needed for CRM User CAL licenses.
Microsoft CRM Support
If you have any problems with an existing Microsoft CRM installation, or consider upgrading your current CRM installation to another edition (e.g., you want to upgrade the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Small Business Edition to the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Professional Edition) or a version (e.g., you want to upgrade Microsoft CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.0), we examine the problems, offer resolutions and assist in upgrades.
Aivea Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 offering includes:
Full-cycle Implementation (Preliminary Scoping, Strategic Planning, Requirements Analysis, Design, Customization, Implementation, Integration, Testing, Deployment and Support) of Microsoft CRM 4.0, 3.0 Upgrade and
CRM Project Planning and Project Management
Microsoft CRM 4.0 enhancement services: system integration, data migration, training, custom development, reporting and business intelligence with SharePoint 2007.
Your benefits when Aivea works for you:
CRM 4.0 Experts, Solution Architects and MVPs
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft Innovation Award Winner!
SEI CMM Level 4 Managed and SCRUM Software Development Process.
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner.
State of the art SharePoint 2007 development and training centers in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Bangalore
Adoption of proven methodologies to ensure timely delivery of projects.
Dedicated development centers and Flexible delivery models to suit client needs.
Promotes partnership approach that leads to long-term relationship with the clients.
Provides a vast pool of highly motivated and skilled employees to staff any kind of operation (Onsite/offsite/offshore).
Resources that span the entire gamut of technology offerings.
Complies with full protection of intellectual property.
Ability to ramp up/down team size based on project requirements.
Ability to provide 24X7 support for critical applications.
Quality assurance done internally (within the project) and externally (by the quality assurance team) governed by our CMM Level 4 procedures.
Understands the IT initiatives of the client and will identify areas where we can add value.
Jointly prepares overall partnership objective.
Framework to define schedules, acceptance criteria, team-structure, client contact, and project and partnership steering committee and risk mitigation strategies.
Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 Industry Experience:
Media and Entertainment
Professional Services
Real Estate
Healthcare and Medical
Telecommunications and Electronics
Financial Services
Hospitality and Leisure
Joining up all your customer facing processes and activities to deliver a superior customer experience is no longer a option to consider one day – for many businesses it has become a matter of immediate survival. Integrating sales, services, and marketing processes ensures that you are able to maximize your revenue potential through efficient and effective management of customer relationships. Ask yourself today, how well are you able to react to—and even predict—shifting customer needs and competitor moves?

Using Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM version 4.0 to provide new levels of customer intelligence to every customer-facing employee, you can provide your workforce with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience at key touch-points within your organization.

Microsoft CRM allows you to create and access a centralized repository of customer data that effectively becomes part of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook - the applications your employees probably use the most every day. From Outlook, employees access Microsoft CRM sales, marketing, and customer service modules to make sales decisions, market products, solve problems, and get strategic views of the business. It’s CRM that works - and works very well - because it works the way your users already do, works the way your business already does, and works the way technology should.

Microsoft CRM is an organization-wide application which allows you to capture and manage customer details from across all areas of your business into one central repository, presenting a single customer-centric view of all the information to all users, empowering employees with valuable information about customers or stakeholders and how they interact with the business at all stages.

Having such a wealth of information gives a full picture of customer behavior and preferences enabling you to really know your customers and understand their needs, provide superior customer service and make informed decisions thereby assisting to build lasting relationships leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

At the same time Microsoft CRM helps to manage work flow, keeping track of tasks and actions associated to the customer, sales cycle or service incident, and can automate business processes and workflow.

Increase sales success
Shorten the sales cycle and close rates with leads and opportunity management, automated sales processes, quote creation, and order management.

Ensure efficient, consistent customer service
A shared knowledgebase and automated routing and queuing make it easy to serve customers efficiently.

Make informed, agile decisions
Comprehensive reports let you forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, evaluate sales and service success, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities.

Work from Outlook or the Web
Access full sales functionality online or offline through Microsoft Outlook, or work online from any location using a Web browser.

Share information
Tightly integrated Sales and Customer Service modules let employees view, update and share information across teams and departments.

Use easily
Designed for ease of use, Microsoft CRM ensures that your sales team will get started fast, with little training.

Customize and scale easily
Configure user interfaces and workflow processes, customize the solution to fit your business, and scale the installation to meet changing needs.

Integrate powerfully
Integrate with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Business Solutions ERM applications and other business systems.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0?

The first-generation CRM solutions were inherently complex and costly, and user adoption was a critical issue. Over a third of CRM projects failed to draw user adoption, according to a study by AMR Research. Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses these critical issues to ensure high user adoption and a fast time to market. With thousands of CRM customers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of users, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right choice for customers who are looking for speedy, cost-effective, and flexible CRM solutions:
Better value for money
Share information across the business!
Lower TCO
Make informed, agile business decisions
Increased sales success
Deliver superior customer service
Rich CRM capabilities with a native Microsoft experience
Microsoft CRM is a natural fit for business users as it uses the familiar Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook environment – effectively, Microsoft CRM is Microsoft Outlook and behaves the way you would expect an Office module to. Never having to leave Outlook means reduced training through the use of a single, familiar and integrated solution ensuring higher user adoption rates.

Consistent customer processes with real-time business insight
Microsoft CRM provides an easy to use, customizable solution that allows you to automate business processes (through workflow), integrate with legacy business systems and extend the CRM functionality. An affordably flexible solution that will scale with your organization.

Fast to deploy, simple to customize and easy to manage
Microsoft CRM delivers simplified management, increased performance and reliability. Using mainstream Microsoft technologies such as SQL Server, Exchange, .NET, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, allows you to maximize the use of you existing IT investment – in terms of both your systems and your people. Zero footprint browser client provides a rich CRM experience with full application capabilities, whilst Microsoft CRM for Outlook install automatically with or without a local synchronized data store.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Support and Maintenance:
Our technical support operations and incident response team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Microsoft Certified support professionals have excellent communication skills and are specially trained for Microsoft CRM 4.0/3.0 technical support.

Please contact our CRM Professional Services Team or e-mail or call 1-800-779-7506 to get a no obligation needs assessment and proposal for your CRM project.

Please visit for detailed product information, live demos and case studies.
Aivea Microsoft Gold Partner Aivea MVP
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Customer Service Rating by LivePerson
" Aivea's contribution to our success is extremely appreciated and we are delighted with the entire outcome. They have demonstrated excellent leadership and total Microsoft CRM Implementation process ownership. Looking forward, we are aiming at creating a system that supports ‘the World's toughest B2C Customer-based Model’ and we continue to look to Aivea for their proactive support and cooperation as a treasured partner

Aivea has consistently demonstrated technical competency, resourcefulness, commitment and the tenacity to complete the most challenging Microsoft CRM implementation. I recommend them without reservation."

Jacob Sullivan
Operations Manager
LinkTech Solutions, Inc.
Portland, OR

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