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Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise Content Management
The volume of electronic content and communications is growing exponentially in organizations at a time when the world is becoming increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Stakeholders are demanding 24/7 access to relevant business information and self-service portals using SharePoint 2007. Enterprise business content has become both an asset and a liability.

Organizations need to leverage technology to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements for making business content traceable, secure and auditable using SharePoint 2007. This challenge can be addressed by implementing a SharePoint 2007 Enterprise Content/Information Management (ECM or EIM) and Workflow system. Please contact Aivea SharePoint Consulting Services Team or SharePoint Training Team for more information.

An effective Enterprise SharePoint 2007 Implementation provides you:
Portals and Collaboration
Document and Records Management
Business Intelligence
Enterprise Search
InfoPath Business Forms
Web Content Management
An effective mechanism to manage information and avoid information overload
Enhanced productivity by giving you the ability to access and provide relevant information quickly to stakeholders
Personalization of content based on the needs of stakeholders
Increased focus on cost and revenue management through reduction of manual and redundant processes
Reduced risk by ensuring information security and regulatory compliance
Aivea's Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Server 2007(MOSS 2007) based ECM or EIM solution will help you leverage enterprise knowledge assets for competitive advantage by structuring the information for easy access and retrieval. Aivea help you:
Manage the entire life cycle of information from acquisition, storage, management, processing, archiving and retiring.
Implement a comprehensive SharePoint solution incorporating business process management, content management, search, workflow, business intelligence, portals, collaboration, security and application integration.
Aivea is a Microsoft Approved SharePoint Deployment and Planning Services (SDPS) vendor, nationally managed, award winning Microsoft Gold Partner for MOSS 2007 Planning, Architecture, Development, Deployment, Technical Support, Hosting and Professional Training with offices in New York, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

Our hands-on MOSS 2007 training courses on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) and Windows SharePoint Services v3 are led by expert instructors who are Senior SharePoint Solutions Architects with extensive real world experience and tailored to your learning style.
Aivea has designed, built, trained and implemented several enterprise SharePoint 2007 solutions managing terabytes of enterprise data for customers around the world and across all industry sectors. Our SharePoint 2007 Consultant will assess your knowledge access and sharing needs, and help you customize and deploy a SharePoint 2007 solution that addresses your business needs including knowledge retention and compliance management.

If you have any questions regarding SharePoint 2007, our helpful and friendly Sales Representatives are happy to assist you. Please contact us at or or call our Sales Department toll free at 1-800-779-7506, Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 provides an integrated suite of easy-to-use server applications that boost organizational effectiveness and optimize the way that people, content, processes, and business applications interact. Here are the top 10 ways Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help your organization:

1. Provide a simple, familiar, and consistent user experience. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is tightly integrated with familiar client applications, e-mail, and Web browsers to provide a consistent user experience that simplifies how people interact with content, processes, and business data. Employees can easily use services to accomplish business activities without having to depend on IT staff.

2. Boost employee productivity by simplifying everyday business activities. Take advantage of OOB workflows for initiating, tracking, and reporting common business processes such as document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection—without any coding. Modifying and extending these OOB processes is made easy through tools like Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005/2008 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007.

3. Help meet regulatory requirements through comprehensive control over content. Help ensure your sensitive business information can be controlled and managed effectively—and reduce litigation risk for your organization—by specifying retention and auditing policies for business records in accordance with compliance regulations. IRM and the content control mechanisms help protect proprietary and confidential information, even when users aren’t connected to a server.

4. Effectively manage and repurpose content to gain increased business value. Business users can easily author content for Web sites and submit it for approval and scheduled deployment to the Internet. Managing multilingual content is simplified in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 through new document library templates specifically designed to maintain a relationship between the original and translated versions of a document.

5. Simplify organization-wide access to structured and unstructured information across disparate systems. Give users access to business data in common LOB systems like SAP and Siebel through OOB connectors in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Users can also create personalized interactions with business systems by dragging predefined, configurable back-end connections. Managed document repositories help organizations store and organize business documents in one central location.

6. Connect people with information and expertise. SharePoint Enterprise Search incorporates business data with information about people, documents, and Web pages to produce comprehensive, relevant results. Rich search functionality like duplicate collapsing, spelling correction, and alerts improves the relevance of the results and helps users easily find what they need within the search results.

7. Accelerate business processes and maintain control of your electronic forms environment. Use smart, electronic forms-driven solutions to collect critical business information from customers, partners, and suppliers through a Web browser without coding any custom applications. Built-in data validation rules help you accurately and consistently gather data that can be directly integrated into back-end systems, avoiding redundancy and errors resulting from manual data re-entry.

8. Share business data while preserving its consistency and helping to protect sensitive information. Give employees access to real-time, interactive Office Excel spreadsheets from a Web browser through Excel Services running on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Use these spreadsheets to maintain and efficiently share one central, up-to-date version while helping to protect any proprietary information embedded in the documents.

9. Facilitate better-informed decisions by presenting business-critical information in one central location. Make it easy to create live, interactive BI portals that assemble and display business-critical information from disparate sources, using integrated BI capabilities such as dashboards, Web Parts, scorecards, KPIs, and business data connectivity technologies. Centralized Report Center sites give users a single place for locating the latest reports, spreadsheets, or KPIs.

10. Provide a single, integrated platform to manage intranet, extranet, and Internet applications across the enterprise. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 has an open, scalable, services-oriented architecture that provides support for interoperability standards including XML and SOAP, which makes it easier to integrate with existing processes and applications. You also get powerful, IT-focused tools and templates for building and extending applications that incorporate business system information and integrated workflow.

Aivea's Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Server 2007 offerings include:
SharePoint 2007 Envisioning, Planning and Architecture - Envisioning, Planning, Business Analysis, Requirements Definition, Architecture, Pilots & Proof of Concepts. Extranet Security Planning and Architecture. Plan for the deployment: how many portals and who owns them, which Windows SharePoint services sites will be created, which applications and Web Parts will be accessible to the users, what customizations are needed, how are areas going to be organized within portals. Aivea SharePoint 2007 Solution Architect may review your existing applications and sitemaps to incorporate them into the SharePoint 2007 architecture.
SharePoint 2007 Customization, Development, Deployment and Support - Taxonomy, Information Architecture, User Interface & Visual Design, Customizations using SharePoint 2007 object model, Information Rights Management and Content Protection, Web parts, Site definitions, and ASP.NET to modify user interface, to create new pages that extend SharePoint functionality, and to provide access to applications outside of SharePoint, Application Development, Business Intelligences & Dashboards, Search Customization, Integration, Workflows and Web Part Development, Custom SharePoint Web Parts & Workflow, MOSS 2007 Content Type Configuration, SharePoint 2007 Templates, Custom "Look & Feel" and Branding, MOSS 2007 BDC - Business Data Catalog, Professional Training, Reporting and Business Intelligence. Aivea SharePoint 2007 Developer may review your existing a pplications to incorporate them into the SharePoint 2007 development process.
Your benefits when Aivea works for you:
Microsoft Approved SharePoint Deployment and Planning Services (SDPS) Vendor
SEI CMM Level 4 Managed and SCRUM Software Development Process.
Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner
MOSS 2007 Microsoft Innovation Award Winner!
State of the art SharePoint 2007 development and training centers in Portland, Seattle, Sunnyvale, New York and Bangalore.
Adoption of proven methodologies to ensure timely delivery of SharePoint 2007 consulting projects.
Dedicated SharePoint 2007 development centers and expert MOSS 2007 Consultants.
Flexible delivery models to suit client needs.
Provides a vast pool of highly motivated and skilled employees to staff any kind of operation (Onsite/offsite/offshore).
Resources that span the entire gamut of MOSS 2007 technology and MOSS 2007 consultant offerings.
Complies with full protection of intellectual property.
Ability to ramp up/down team size based on SharePoint 2007 consulting project requirements.
Ability to provide 24X7 support for critical SharePoint 2007 applications.
Quality assurance done internally (within the project) and externally (by the quality assurance team) governed by our CMM Level 4 procedures.
Understands the SharePoint 2007 IT initiatives of the client and will identify areas where we can add value.
Jointly prepares overall partnership objective.
Framework to define schedules, acceptance criteria, team-structure, client contact, and project and partnership steering committee and risk mitigation strategies.
Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Server (MOSS) 2007 Support and Maintenance - Our technical support operations and incident response team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists professionals have excellent communication skills and are specially trained for Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Server (MOSS) 2007 technical support.

Please view an Online Demo of the Microsoft® Office SharePoint™ Server 2007 (Please note that this demo requires Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher)

Please visit for detailed product information, more demos and case studies.

Please contact SharePoint Sales Professional at or or call 1-800-779-7506 to get a no obligation needs assessment and proposal for your Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 or Windows SharePoint Services (WSS v3) project.
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" It has been my pleasure working with Aivea on one of the most significant Microsoft SharePoint 2007 implementations in the US Army to date.

Aivea successfully lead a team of 20 engineers through complex and fast-paced planning, customization and deployment integrating 60 different organizations and 1000s of soldiers at Fort Bliss US Army base.

I am personally thankful for the attention to detail, dedication and commitment on the part of Aivea to accomplish this critical mission for Harris and United States Army."

Curtis P. Geiger
Program Manager, US Army
Fort Bliss, TX

"Aivea’s quality focus, execution excellence & technology expertise combined with their flexible approach allowed us to implement our enterprise SharePoint 2007 project in record time.

We strive to offer the highest level of value and convenience to our customers, and we are pleased that we found in Aivea, a partner who shares similar values"

Maju Kuruvilla
Director of Engineering
Milliman, Inc.
Seattle, WA

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