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Aivea® Customer Experience Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/3.0
Aivea® Customer Experience Portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/3.0
The Aivea Customer Experience Portal extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/3.0 customer service and support functions online on the web to achieve more efficient support and service as well as higher customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness using self-service portal and self sufficiency.

Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal is a fully integrated, adaptable self service CRM website portal solution that enables you and your company to rise to the next level in your customers relations. Microsoft CRM Customer Portal is built on ASP.NET 3.5 with full support templates, master pages, skinning, themes, which means ASP.NET technology with higher customization features and with a complete set of available web portal capabilities for all of your needs. By automating and streamlining customer relations on the web, CRM Customer Portal brings together people, processes and technologies, increasing the productivity and effectiveness of your business in sales, marketing and support, and helping you drive business success.

Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal Self-service customer support centers are fast becoming the channel of choice for customers. Opens a self-service customer portal communication to your customers by giving them a way to post service issues or view their histories. Such a site lets you stay open for business 24/7, around the world. Moreover, it delivers a high-quality, high-touch experience for customers while reducing the cost of customer care to your company.

Customer self-service provides real-time, cross-channel views of all interactions for delivery of superior customer service—whether the interaction occurred on the Web just seconds ago or with a sales rep in person yesterday. In addition, customers can view outstanding requests. Most importantly, detailed history allows an easy check of entitlement to service levels as well as intelligent up sell/cross-sell offers, helping turn the support center into a profit center.

Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal can be integrated directly into your existing website or it can run by itself on a dedicated domain name.

The Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal allows organizations to quickly and easily create a web self service presence that is fully integrated into their Microsoft CRM 4.0/3.0 solution.

Aivea Customer Experience Portal is a robust and flexible turn-key solution, allowing you to implement effective online support channel and manage self-help resources in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0/3.0. Aivea Customer Experience Portal does this by combining ticketed support on the web for Microsoft CRM and an intuitive online customer interface.

Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal works based on Contacts entity in the CRM database and it does NOT require Microsoft CRM User CALs. The hosted edition of Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal communicates with the Microsoft CRM Server (On-Premise or Microsoft Hosted) over Secure Microsoft CRM Web Services.
Your customers can create new Customer Service Cases online
Customers can attach files when working with Customer Service Cases (Comments/Notes and Case)
Customers can view and update existing Service Cases and add notes
Customers can view Service Case Activity History
Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal supports Contracts, Contract Lines and SLAs
Customers can manage their own profiles and update Contact record details to keep their personal data up to date on your Microsoft CRM in a secure way
Customers can Search and view published CRM knowledge base articles
Provide world class customer service over the web including visibility for customer for their service contracts in the CRM
The Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal is fully and easily configurable to suit your business needs.
Publish CRM Knowledge base articles based on keywords and subject items
Allow users to self register themselves to become authenticated users in the CRM with smart association with CRM Accounts.
Configure the Microsoft CRM Customer Portal screens in terms of which fields to display, the display order etc.
Configure the Service Case entry form as well as the Case view and details screen
Create personalized email templates for customer communication and setup automated notifications
Allow different web users access to different parts of the Microsoft CRM Customer Portal based on their security level
Access data from a 3rd external systems to display in the Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal by developing custom modules
Extends Case Management to your customers
Provides incident registration and tracking to your customers over the web with no training required
One place to deliver all information to your customers
Works with the CRM Workflow engine to allocate incidents and provide alerts instantly
Microsoft CRM Customer Portal comes built-in with secure access to so that each customer sees just the information that belong to them
Provides instant information and saves phone calls
Integrated to your website or as a separate application running 24/7 so customers can work with critical information such as cases, company news and account status when it fits their schedule
Direct access is the proven way to save hundreds and thousands of phone calls and emails, and keep your call center costs down
The Customer Portal provides a separately installed website that can be moved inside or outside firewalls for full compliance with your corporate security policies.
Provide world class customer service over the web with full capabilities of Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal.
Significantly reduce costs and increase the speed of customer service by providing Information to your customers need is available 24/7 in a format that promotes self-service.
Manage product-wise Knowledge Base in a centralized location for a better resolution of trouble tickets within least possible time
Associate Articles with trouble tickets and products
Fully customizable and you can deploy without hassles in your Web site
Secured access to the Customer Self Service Portal
Create fully customizable ticket reports
Create customer support statistics to help the managers to plan for a better customer support process.
Create custom fields as per your organization requirements
Search Knowledge Base articles before submitting trouble tickets
Constantly improve the quality of Knowledge Base
Notify trouble ticket update to the customers through E-mail
Provide public access to the Knowledge Base only after approval
Maintain up-to-date Articles in Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal based on customer suggestions & comments
Aivea Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Experience Portal works with ALL editions and versions of Microsoft CRM 4.0 and 3.0 including Hosted Editions such as
Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Portal support single and multi-server deployments
Aivea's Microsoft Certified CRM Solution Developers are enhancing the Microsoft CRM Customer Portal software by adding new features that will further improve your edge in delivery best class self-service for your customers.
You will receive updates of the new versions online and you can download and update the store directly. Start seeing the new features immediately.
FREE Technical Support: One of the most valuable resources is the Aivea Technical Support Team, ready to answer your questions and help you run your online store efficiently.
Aivea's Microsoft CRM Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) Developers can also provide you with High-Quality and Time-To-Market ASP.NET 3.5/C#/XML/ADO.NET/SQL Server 2005/2008 Software Development Services and web design needed for your unique business features and customizations at a very cost-effective hourly rate for your Microsoft CRM Customer Experience Portal.
Pricing and Licensing
Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Experience Portal (CEP) Hosted Edition:

Unlimited Microsoft CRM Users, Customers/Contacts
Cost-Effective Price of $79.95/Month
No Contracts
No Upgrade or Maintenance Fees
Month to Month Billing
Cost-Effective Setup Fees: $1495.00
Service Level Agreement (SLA): 99.99%
FREE Priority Technical Support
Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Experience Portal (CEP) On-Premise Edition:

$3995.00 (Unlimited Microsoft CRM Users, Customers/Contacts). Aivea CEP works based on Contacts in the CRM and does not require Microsoft CRM User CALs.

Optional Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is 25% of the initial purchase price. AMC includes Free Training, New versions & Updates, Tools & Utilities updates, Regular beta software releases, Priority Access Technical Support, Product Notification E-Mails and Product Feature Upgrades.
Please contact us at or 1-800-779-7506 for more information about Aivea Microsoft CRM Customer Experience Portal (CEP).
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