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Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions
As business gets more competitive, executive management faces the task of sifting through enormous amounts of data, hidden in multitudes of operational and historical legacy systems, to make informed decisions. Business Intelligence solutions powered by optimally designed Enterprise Data Warehouses address these challenges, providing comprehensive and qualitative information.

Aivea has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions, Business Intelligence Applications and Data Warehousing solutions to clients on a global platform. These help architect and implement end-to-end solutions that address and satisfy your business intelligence needs.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI), a complete suite of server, client, and developer products, supports decision makers in developing deeper knowledge and insight that helps you make better business decisions, faster.

Aivea has rich experience in executing projects in most aspects of Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions including:
  • End-to-end Data Mart/Data Warehouse solution
  • Data Migration, including ETL (Extract, Transformation, and Loading) and database integration
  • Data Cleansing, and Quality assessment
  • Business Intelligence, Decision Support and Reporting
The Aivea Business Intelligence team comprises experts with deep understanding of the Business Intelligence Applications and technology architecture of Data Warehousing solutions. Aivea, therefore, is able to provide you a unique blend of technical and business domain expertise through successful Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions.

Aivea addresses the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing needs of a far-spread customer base, providing development support and customized consulting on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, with 24x7 customer support.

Our Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions project development processes include critical phases like Envision, Discover, Architect, Construct, Validate, Deploy, and Production Support.

Aivea adopts an Iterative Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions Strategy that will enable active participation of potential data warehouse users resulting in real, immediate and high profile benefits, higher Return on Investment, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership through our Global Delivery Model.

Microsoft offers you a complete, fully integrated business intelligence (BI) solution. With Microsoft Business Intelligence, you get a rich set of technologiesmany of which your organization already usesand a flexible, easy-to-use solution that helps extend the value of your enterprise data.

Aivea's Business Intelligence offerings include:

Data Services

Too many organizations lack the means to effectively integrate, store, and access their data. If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps its because your data resides in multiple systems and lacks consistency, making it difficult for you and your people to access the data for meaningful insights. Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) can help you change that because it offers a scalable and enterprise-ready data warehouse platform that helps extend the value of your enterprise data. Data warehousing is your foundation to provide insight into your corporate data through an integrated, centrally managed, and trusted data source. Microsoft BI provides the proven capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005 and SQL Server 2008/2005 Integration Services that can help you easily build and manage data warehouses that scale to meet the needs of even the largest and most complex organizations.

SQL Server 2008/2005 Integration Services
- An ETL (extract, transform, and load) tool built into SQL Server that brings your data assets together into a central data warehouse.

SQL Server 2008/2005 Analysis Services - An online analytical process (OLAP) engine built into SQL Server that structures your data into multidimensional cubes optimized for analysis.

SQL Server 2008/2005 Reporting Services - A reporting tool built into SQL Server that builds enterprise and production reports from your relational databases or your central data warehouse.

Collaboration and Reporting

Your organization collects a lot of data. Organizing it all so that everyone has the right information at the right time is a constant struggle. And after your people get that data and information, the greater challenge is helping everyone use it to make better decisions. Along with an environment that helps you collaborate on, search, and manage data and documents, Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) offers reporting analysis tools that can help you transform collections of raw data into information and insight.

Microsoft BI provides you with reporting tools, analysis tools, and technologies that can map to your specific needs. You can work with the widely used and now improved Microsoft Office Excel 2007, SQL Server 2008/2005 Reporting Services, SQL Server 2008/2005 Analysis Services, Report Builder, ProClarity Analytics, and data mining. Whats more, to help you share insights with others, Microsoft BI uses both the BI capabilities built into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and its core collaboration, search, and document management capabilities. With Microsoft BI, you have easy-to-use, economical tools that can help you access, report, analyze, and share information across your organization.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
- Facilitate communication and collaboration. SharePoint Server is the place where people can find the information they need, whether it is a corporate scorecard, a spreadsheet, or a Microsoft Office PowerPoint slide deck.

Performance Management

Heres your ideal situation: everybody in your organization sees the decisions they make in the context of the big picture. Each and every decision gets aligned with the good of the overall company. Decisions are not made in isolation because individuals consider more than the positive and negative consequences of their decision on their piece of the organization.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) can help your organization align the decision-making process through three capabilities: monitoring, analytics, and planning. These capabilities are built into Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007, a powerful performance management application that provides you with the infrastructure to link people at all levels of your organizationfrom executives to individual contributorsto your overall corporate strategy. Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 builds on the familiar Microsoft Office system environment and Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005.

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 is a performance management application that provides three key capabilities monitoring, analyzing, and planning that help organizations align their business to strategic corporate goals and objectives.

PerformancePoint Monitoring - Define and use scorecards, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive accountability and alignment across your organization.

PerformancePoint Analysis - Easily analyze and identify trends, opportunities, and threats in your data. Capture and share that information using the intuitive and collaborative environment of the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

PerformancePoint Planning - Simplify the process of business planning, budgeting, and forecastingall through the familiar and easy-to-use environment of the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

Your benefits when Aivea works for you:
  • SEI CMM Level 4 Managed and SCRUM Software Development Process.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • MOSS 2007 and Business Intelligence Microsoft Innovation Award Winner!
  • State of the art Business Intelligence development and training centers in Portland, Seattle, Sunnyvale, New York and Bangalore.
  • Adoption of proven methodologies to ensure timely delivery of SharePoint 2007 and PerformancePoint consulting projects.
  • Dedicated PerformancePoint and SharePoint 2007 development centers and expert MOSS 2007 Consultants.
  • Flexible delivery models to suit client needs.
  • Promotes partnership approach that leads to long-term relationship with the clients.
  • Provides a vast pool of highly motivated and skilled employees to staff any kind of operation (Onsite/offsite/offshore).
  • Resources that span the entire gamut of MOSS 2007 technology and MOSS 2007 consultant offerings.
  • Complies with full protection of intellectual property.
  • Ability to ramp up/down team size based on SharePoint 2007 consulting project requirements.
  • Ability to provide 24X7 support for critical SharePoint 2007 applications.
  • Quality assurance done internally (within the project) and externally (by the quality assurance team) governed by our CMM Level 4 procedures.
  • Understands the SharePoint 2007 IT initiatives of the client and will identify areas where we can add value.
  • Jointly prepares overall partnership objective.
  • Framework to define schedules, acceptance criteria, team-structure, client contact, and project and partnership steering committee and risk mitigation strategies.
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Schedule an overview demonstration of Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions today. Let us know what day/time is convenient for you and one of our Consultants will schedule a one on one demo and how it can help you grow your business.

Please e-mail sales@aivea.com or call 1-800-779-7506 to get a no obligation needs assessment and proposal for your Business Intelligence project.

Please visit http://www.microsoft.com/bi for detailed product information, live demos and case studies.

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  " It has been my pleasure working with Aivea on one of the most significant Microsoft SharePoint 2007 implementations in the US Army to date.

Aivea successfully lead a team of 20 engineers through complex and fast-paced planning, customization and deployment integrating 60 different organizations and 1000s of soldiers at Fort Bliss US Army base.

I am personally thankful for the attention to detail, dedication and commitment on the part of Aivea to accomplish this critical mission for Harris and United States Army."

Curtis P. Geiger
Program Manager, US Army
Fort Bliss, TX

"Aiveas quality focus, execution excellence & technology expertise combined with their flexible approach allowed us to implement our enterprise SharePoint 2007 project in record time.

We strive to offer the highest level of value and convenience to our customers, and we are pleased that we found in Aivea, a partner who shares similar values"

Maju Kuruvilla
Director of Engineering
Milliman, Inc.
Seattle, WA