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Aivea® Commerce Server™
Aivea® Commerce Server™
Aivea® Commerce Server™ is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based E-Commerce Software Solution providing the most comprehensive, flexible and extensible Enterprise E-Commerce and E-Business capabilities powered by industry leading Microsoft.NET 3.5 framework (C#, ASP.NET 3.5, WCF, WF, LINQ, SQL Server 2008/2005). Aivea® Commerce Server™ offers powerful Enterprise E-Commerce store solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain.

Please visit Aivea Commerce Server dedicated web portal at

You can significantly increase online sales and customer retention rates by providing each customer with a personalized online buying experience with language neutral storefront development in C#, VB.NET, Java, PHP, RoR, C++, Flash, JavaScript etc. We support over 29 programming languages for Storefront development on Aivea® Commerce Server™ engine. Aivea® Commerce Server™ unique personalization capabilities open the door to a wealth of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, helping you increase average order size and revenues.

Adaptable - The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework approach ensures the functionality can be adapted to meet your business needs rather than forcing your business to adapt to technology.

Scalable - Aivea Commerce Server follows an n-tier architecture so that web, application, and database server tiers can scale independently as needed.

Robust - The feature set goes beyond the basics and provides robust merchandising, account, checkout, search, and catalog management tools.

Delivered by Aivea - Retailers that choose Aivea Commerce Server and rely on the company behind it. We have over 15 years experience providing strategy, design, development, and managed services expertise to many of the world's best known brands.

Over 5000 E-Commerce features and out-of-the-box capabilities including secure online store administration and Rich Text (HTML) content management help you significantly reduce operating costs. Your customers can view related products, most popular products, configure products using custom attributes and use express checkout features. Aivea® Commerce Server™ reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases conversion rates, and cuts down on content deployment times along with rich online buying experience for your buyers with intuitive user interfaces. Aivea® Commerce Server™ supports full custom home page with custom graphics and complete customization of all pages to personalize your commerce website for you or your company.

Aivea® Commerce Server is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based E-Commerce Platform built on Microsoft.NET 3.5 ASP.NET 3.5/C#/XML/WF/WCF/LINQ and SQL Server 2008/2005 delivering enterprise e-commerce features, performance, scalability and seamless integration to over 29 different programming languages, ERP and CRM systems over ACS Web Services.

Supported Aivea® Commerce Server™ E-Commerce Business Scenarios

• Business to Consumer (B2C)
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Business to Government (B2G)
• Business to Employee (B2E)
• Enterprise Intranet / Extranet websites
• Any other type of custom solution requiring combined content and e-commerce business needs

Aivea® Commerce Server™ is built for Microsoft.NET 3.5 Framework (64-bit and 32-bit) using ASP.NET 3.5, C#, WCF, WWF, XML, LINQ and SQL Server 2008/2005 with support for W3C WS-* compliant Web Services Interface for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Business (B2C) E-Commerce and transactions.

Aivea® Commerce Server™ customers include individual online store owners, web developers, small-to-medium sized businesses and fortune 500 companies. Aivea® Commerce Server™ comes with FREE Technical Support and available Customization Services by our Microsoft Certified Software Engineers for your unique business requirements.

Pricing and Licensing of Aivea® Commerce Server™ , Please contact Aivea Product Sales Team or E-Mail or call 1-800-779-7506.

In addition to supporting Windows 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL 2005, Aivea Commerce Server is built on next generation 64-bit Microsoft technology platform. Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and Visual Studio 2008 provide a secure and trusted platform for creating and running your most demanding applications based on Aivea Commerce Server . Combined, the products provide a solid foundation for next-generation web applications, broad support for virtualization technology, and access to relevant information. Advanced security technology, developer support for the latest platforms, improved management and web tools, flexible virtualization solutions, and access to relevant information from throughout your organization enable you to drive your business forward.
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Aivea Commerce Server Product Highlights
eCommerce Plaform Technical Architecuture
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32 Bit Operating Systems (Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008)
64 Bit (x64) Operating Systems (Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008)
32/64 Windows XP/Vista (Development Only)
ASP.NET 3.5 on IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0
SQL Server 2005/2008
Windows Workflow Framework 3.5
Windows Communication Foundation 3.5
LINQ To SQL (Automated Data Access Layer Generation)
SQL Server 2005/2008 Full Text Catalog and Content Search
W3C XHTML Full Compliance
AJAX and Web 2.0
Faceted Search and Contextual Relevance
WCF Service Oriented Architecture Web Service API for Every capability in the platform
Storefront Development Support in 30+ Programming Languages (C#, VB.NET, Java, RoR, Flash ActionScript etc.)
Enterprise 3-Tier Platform (Web Server, Application Server (WCF) and Database Server)
Network Load Balancing on Web Servers and Application Servers
Web Farm and Clustering support
Multiple Languages, Currencies and Locales
Multi Tenant eCommerce (Multiple Storefronts from the same platform)
Microsoft IE v6.0+, Mozilla FireFox v1.5+, Safari v3.0+, Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux
Mobile Storefront support for Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone
Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010(CTP)
SSL Encryption at Web Server and Application Server
Page (Output/Fragment), Business Object and Data Object Caching
Edge Caching Support for Akamai
External image repository support
Multiple databases support per deployment (catalog, content, marketing etc.)
SQL Server 2005/2008 Enterprise Clustering
Merchandizing, Marketing, Testing, Custom Templates, Skins and Themes
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Design Custom Storefront Templates and Themes without writing code
Complete ASP.NET 3.5 Themes, Templates, User Controls and Skins based highly configurable and extensible architecture that may be heavily customized to fit your unique business needs.
A/B Testing - This method compares the performance of entirely different versions of a product, category and custom content page.
Multivariate Testing - This method compares the performance of content variations in multiple locations on a product, category and custom content page.
Store templates controlled with ASP.NET themes, User Controls, Language Resources and Master Pages
Completely customize the layout and appearance of any page using the JQuery framework.
Telerik AJAX Control for Dynamic Data Loading
With JQuery, you can customize the layout and content of your store pages by editing only HTML.
Dynamically switch the template based on Shop, Language, Marketing Plans and Target Audience
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) HTML and W3C compliant XHTML, CSS support
HTML Enhanced Email Templates for Email Notification and Marketing
Dynamically Detect the mobile platform and switch to Mobile View, Storefront Templates for support for Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone
Silverlight and Flash support for enhanced shopping experience
AJAX Driven User Controls for fully customizable Storefront
Millions of Content HTML pages supported
Google Analytics Support including different Analytics tracking per Template
Social Networking Support (Facebook, MySpace, Google, Digg etc.)
Rich Usability and Online Shopping Experience
Gift Certificates and Registry
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Sell gift certificates which can be redeemed later like a credit card
Gift certificate amounts and reloading supported
Store settings allow gift certificates to expire after X days.
Gift certificate report allows activation and deactivation of gift certificates while maintaining balance report.
Customer and Anonymous Gift Registries supported
Multi-Store Management (Shopping Mall)
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Run multiple stores using the same or different product catalogs from the same platform
Multiple domains on the same or different catalog
Storefront can be customized to templates based on store
All Storefront capabilities at each store level
Everything in trackable to a store
Affiliate and Partner Management
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Reward affiliated web sites and email partners for referring business to your store.
Affiliate commission rate can either be a fixed amount or a percent of the products purchased. e.g. $10.00 for each sale or 15% of the product total.
Comprehensive Affiliate and Partner reporting to show sales, and commission amounts due to the affiliate.
Customers can be tracked to affiliates
Orders can be tracked to affiliates
Real-Time template and user interface switching based on affiliate or marketing campaign
Multi Level Marketing (MLM) support
Shopping Comparison Engines
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Google Product Search
Yahoo Shopping
Shipping Management
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Real-time and Custom Shipping Methods
Real-time Shipping Rates, Tracking and Integrated Labels using Aivea eShip (over 400+ shipping features)
Manual Shipping Cost by Order Total, Order Weight, Order Total and Zip Code, Order Weight and Zip Code, Fixed Shipping Cost Per Product, Fixed Percentage of Order Total, All Orders as Free Shipping
Supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Con-way, Yellow, BAX Global, Estes, CanadaPost, Australia Post, Roadway etc.
International shipping for 150 countries (inbound and outbound) and over 400 service levels
Please visit for more details
Shipping Methods Verified Against User Addresses During Checkout (this avoids the ground shipping to Hawaii situations!)
Shipping Tracking numbers e-mailed to Customers and available on My Account
Batch Shipping Order Printing/Tracking Integration with Aivea eShip Shipping Manager
Multiple Shipping Address per Order. Each Product/Line in the Order can have its own Shipping Address
Full Integration to multiple warehouses and drop shipping
Each product/line in the order can be shipped for a separate warehouse
Custom Shipping Rules and Workflows
Windows Workflow for Order Processing and Shipping Management
Warehouses per Product allow you to specify where a package is going to be shipped from so that shipping costs can be calculated accurately.
A handling fee may be included either a fixed amount or a percentage of the shipping cost totaltotal.
Warehouse and Drop Shipper Email nofitication customized to show the entire order, products from the warehouse/drop shipper, price, product details etc.
You can specify a minimum purchase amount for a shipping method to be used
Add Shipping & Handling Extra Fee To Orders
Mark Product as Digital to support for "No Shipping" Products
Allow Free Shipping for All Order above $ (Shop Configuration)
Dashboard, Reports and Business Intelligence
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Integration to Windows SharePoint Services and Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007
All Reports (Managed and Adhoc) are driven by SQL Reporting Services
Product popularity graph by sales, cart and by views.
Graph of sales volume over the last 7 days, 1 month and the last 6 months
Graph and data views of the most popular categories, searches
Comprehensive administrative reports, including revenue trends & graphs, visitor trends & graphs, customer order percentages, affiliate revenue reports, tax reports, etc
Order summary with quick links to today's orders, last 30 day's orders, and last 60 day's orders.
Alerts Web Part of issues that need to be looked into. e.g. Low Inventory, error message in the log file, installation, and configuration issues.
Sales Summary dashboard
Daily sales report with easy to use next day and previous day buttons. Includes order number, sales amount, shipping cost, tax amount, discounts, and coupons. Totals for all fields shown at the bottom of the page.
Monthly sales report with easy to use next month and previous month buttons. Includes order number, sales amount, shipping cost, tax amount, discounts, and coupons. Totals for all fields shown at the bottom of the page. A graph at the top of the page shows sales by day for the month.
Product sales by time period showing product name, quantity sold, and sales total. Sort by any field, ascending or descending.
Product popularity by total number of customer views.
Category popularity by total number of customer views.
Product low inventory report showing product which are at or below the reorder level. Update reorder level and quantity in stock directly from the report page.
Top customers report showing sales volume, and number of orders placed.
Abandoned basket report by month with link to view the basket details. If the customer entered their billing information there is an opportunity to contact the customer to save the sale or identify the reason.
Browser popularity by page views with pie graph. If you are making major changes to the store layout it's important to test with the browsers your customers are likely to be using.
Sales summary by month from affiliate referrals. Includes commissions total for each affiliate.
Sales order details by month from affiliate referrals showing all affiliates or selected affiliate.
View Shopping Carts and Wishlists real-time
Who's online report shows customers that are actively browsing the store.
Tax report by tax code with selectable time period.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Friendliness
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Google Analytics (Urchin) Site Metrics and E-Commerce Tracking Compatible
Fully dynamic page titles, and search engine meta-tags for products, categories, brands and all content pages
Every product, category, brand, content and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)...
Google and Yahoo XML Sitemaps supported
GLive On Page ( Integration
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
RSS Feed Integration
Adding Digg, Facbook etc. buttons (to link to web content vetted by an online community)
Category Management and Dynamic Drilldowns
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Supports 1000s of Categories, Departments, Brands and Manufacturers
Categories and Departments can also be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-departments)
Map products to multiple any category or departments
Dynamically build drilldowns based on product variants, price or any attribute of a category or product
Categories with a large number of products include dynamic paging features to keep page size reasonable and encourage longer shopping times.
SQL Full Text Search supports indexing and fast searching of products, categories, departments, product variants and brands
Categories can be hidden from view so they are only available from a direct link or locked so they are inaccessible for maintenance purposes. Optionally, this can affect the sub-categories and products within the category.
Control the level of categories that you want to display on the storefront
Payment Methods and Gateways
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All major credit cards supported
Purchase Order
Manual Payment
Bill Me Later
Gift Cards
Full PCI Level 1 compliance (PCI-DSS audited compliance by Anitian)
Custom Payment Gateway (get billing information for manual offline processing)
Chase Paymentech
PayPal Express Checkout
PayPal Website Payments Pro
FAST Transact (VELOCT)
LinkPoint (First Data Global)
Google Checkout
DPS PaymentExpress
MaxMind and BuySAFE Integration
Integration to your own merchant account through native connectivity (optional)
Shop Configuration for authorize only, or auth-capture credit card modes
Void/Cancel and Refund (Partial & Full)
CVV support
Only last 4 digits displayed in My Account
Direct checkout without storefront registration
Enforce Shipping address and Billing address to be the same using Shop Configuration
Minimum Order amount can be specified in the Shop Configuration
ControlScan, Trustwave, McAfee Security Integration for PCI Scan Testing
Credit card numbers never displayed on site, but remembered for user in a PCI compliant encrypted state (shown as ****6789 on site)
Data Import and Export Features
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Web based data import export manager (products, categories, brands, warehouses etc.)
Support standards CSV and Excel files
SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) support
Multiple managed exports
Benchmarked to support millions of records and data schema mapping user interface
Migrate to Aivea Commerce Server from legacy shopping carts in hours
Customer Self Service Management
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My Account
Order History
Multiple Shipping and Billign addresses
Recurring orders (autoship, subscriptions)
Digital downloads
Simplified reordering
Mailing lists
Product reviews
Update profile
Administrators can edit customer profiles, delete customers, update their address books, billing information, etc.
Administrator can edit/enter service notes visible by customer regarding order status, special notes, etc.
Tax Management
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Tax by Country, State and Zip
Tax opt out for shipping cost
Real-time tax provider integration based on shipping or billing integration with providers such as Sabrix
Products can be marked tax excempt
Notification Management
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Order Notification (New Order, Order Status Changed etc.) on eMail, SMS
Administrator Order Notifications
Drop ship vendor order notifications
Customizable Email templates with automatic fill-in fields
Automated Email receipts
Store Inventory alerts
Custom build eMail templates with XML and use them in the Storefront or Administration modules
Automatic email notification to customer with receipt
Automatic e-mail notification to store admin of new order received
Text Message Notification to Cell Phone of new order received
Multi Language Features
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Supports dynamic run-time language switching (Static content based on resources and dynamic language based content from the catalog). User can select store language at run-time. Store administrator controls allowed languages.
Supports specific template per language (allows you have a unique look & feel for the spanish site for example)
Users can select store currency to view at run-time. Base currency is defined in the Shop Configuration. Sign-up for some exchange rate feeds is optional (e.g.,, etc) or use static conversion tables in the Shop Configuration with simple key value pairs using the base currency.
Security Manangement
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ASP.NET Membership Module for User and Role Management
3-Tier Architecture for maximum data in transit protection using SSL at Application and Web Server tiers
Independent security audit by Trustwave, Anitian for Software Configuration Manangement, Secure Coding Practices and Encryption Technology, Validating parameter length that could lead to a Buffer Overflow, Memory and Disk Exception Handling, Application Exception Handling, Cookie manipulation / Cookie Poisoning, SQL Injections, Cross Site Scripting Attacks, SSL Version Hacking, Data In Transit attacks, Penitration Test, Load and Penistration Tests, Multi Geographic attacks etc.
Dedicated SSL Certificate support
Medium Trust Hosting
IP and Geographic information monitoring
AVS protection with payment gateways on every order
Password management using ASP.NET membership provider
Customer access management (deactivate/lock a customer or user)
Mark order for fraud reviews
CAPTCHA image protection on login and registration pages
Store Activity Log for auditing and chain of custody tracking
No PAN storage for PCI-DSS certification
All password change operations are logged in the Store Activity Log
Fully secure and SSL protected access to the store administration module
Dynamic encryption key rotation on deployment through the administration user interface
Single Sign-On: ASP.NET 3.5 membership and personalization engine. This means that you can achieve single sign-on with any web application that can use the same membership store. You can also write your own membership provider to connect to custom stores such as active directory, etc.
Secure Customer Management, Order Management, Affiliates Management and Web based Administration Console for your entire E-Commerce Back office.
Product Reviews
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Customer Rating and Reviews per Product
Store Administrators can review and manage the comments & rating
Surveys and Poll management including integration to SurveyMonkey
Content checks for abusive language protection in customer reviews
Power Reviews ( integration
Product Upsell and Cross Selling
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Related Products
Associated Products
Product Groups and Kitting
Customers bought this also bought
Top sellers
Add product listing to shopping cart and other content pages
Call for pricing
Add to cart to see the price
Product variants and add-ons
You might also like products
Recommended products
Specify similar products to be displayed when a customer is browsing a product. e.g. You might also like one of these similar products.
Allow customers to optionally select gift wrapping and add a gift note during checkout.
Support for multiple gift wrap groups with varying pricing. e.g. Large package, medium package, small package
Shopping Cart Summary shown as reference for customer as they continue to browse for more products.
Shopping Cart items can persist over time (even months if desired). Great for return customers, who later wanted to order a product, but forgot which one they wanted
Inventory and Order Management
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Integrated inventory and distribution management
Track inventory based on variants
Manage cost of products
Back ordering support
Allow lowest quantity on hand before ordering
Integration to ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Apps, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, SL, Sage and QuickBooks
Manage ordering based on inventory levels
Inventory batch updates
Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) and SW-* compliant Web Service Interface for connecting your commerce store with other E-Business applications and E-Commerce websites.
Inventory Management - Keeps track of inventory levels including combination of your product attributes ( e.g. 12 Size "M" "White" Color T-Shirts ) to display appropriate "stock status".
Allow or disallow product back ordering. Allowing back order allows inventory to go negative.
Optionally display in-stock message, and out of stock message. May include number of products in stock.
Full featured order management system with total control over shipments and payments for multiple orders from a single page.
Orders manager page allows you to search by order status, shipment status, payment status, and date range to specify number of orders for return.
Capture payments, process shipments, cancel orders, print invoices, print packing slips, print pick lists, and change the custom order status without ever having to drill down to a specific order.
Advanced order search page adds the ability to search by order number range and by keyword. Keyword searches bill to last name, bill to company, bill to address, ship to last name, ship to company, ship to address, or any order notes.
Coupons, Discounts and Promotion Management
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Order Based Coupon discounts
Coupons based on specific products or categories
Coupon discounts by amount or percent
Coupons can offer free shipping or free products
Coupons can have start and expiry dates
Coupons can be marked to be used 1 .. N times by a customer
Coupons can have minimum and maxium order total amounts
Disable coupon discounts on sale or clearance products
Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) and SW-* compliant Web Service Interface for connecting your commerce store with other E-Business applications and E-Commerce websites.
Give coupons that works only for a specific customer for a period of time
Automatic price discounts for a period of time
Price discounts can have a total minimum and maximum dollar amount
Customer profiling: Built-in support for Multi-Level pricing for Wholesalers, Retailers and Unlimited number of Customer Groups based on their login.
Support for List Price, Sale Price and Bulk Price for Retail, Sale and Wholesale Pricing.
Specify Gift Wrapping price as a Product Attribute.
Easily create E-mail based web marketing campaigns with the Built-in Mass E-mailing Module, which allows you to send attractive HTML E-mail Content to your customers and affiliates. You can also create, store and manage marketing campaigns.
Send Rich HTML Newsletters to your customers - FREE Group Newsletter E-Mailing Module.
Built In Customer Mailing Manager: Send e-mails or HTML newsletters to registered customers. Design your newsletter in FrontPage or Dreamweaver and send to registered customers, or to all customers.
E-mail product to a friend - Sends an attractive HTML E-Mail of the product details, link, storefront URL and price to the user's friend.
Enterprise Performance, Scalability and Reliability
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005 based Highly Scalable Database Design in 3rd Normal Form.
Microsoft.NET 3.5 and Service Oriented Architecture (WCF SOA) based 3-Tier Enterprise Architecture and over 1000 SQL Server Stored Procedures for superb Performance and Scalability.
Fortune 500 companies such as Intel Corporation is running Aivea Commerce Server 2008 in secure log-in only mode, Please visit
Built-in WCF Web Services for Web/Server Farm or clustering support for load balancing and scalability
Highly scalable data and business logic distributed processing architecture to support millions or products and millions of web page content.
Excellent ASP.NET/C# Content Caching implementation, Full-Text Index Search and Database Indexing offers major performance gains.
SQL Server 2008/2005 Full-Text Indexing based Search for superb search performance
Your customers can subscribe for "E-Mail Specials" with an easy one click procedure from the Storefront.
Product Management
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Product Groups/Kitting: Supports Grouping Products together as a Kit with price and sell them individually. E.g. PC Vs. CPU, Motherboard, Memory etc.
Digital Downloads: Built-in support for Digital Download/Soft Products such a CDs, E-Books, Software etc.
SEO URLs: Search Engine Friendly Unique Text URLs for Products, Categories etc. Automated URL Re-Writing based on Name of the Page or Product.
Content Personalization: Recently Viewed Products & Categories for each user session, supports 1000s of concurrent user sessions.
Unlimited product options/variants/properties/images with optional price modifiers and attributes.
Supports building dynamically configurable products with dynamic display, customization and management for product attributes.
Unlimited number of products, categories and subcategories.
Intelligent tree view listings for easy navigation of Storefront categories.
Products can belong to more than one category and to category/subcategory at any level.
Categories can contain both sub categories and products at the same time.
Support for Digital Product Manuals using Product Collaterals allows for safe and secure sale of digital goods such as software programs, files, databases, e-books etc.
eProduct dynamic pricing using attributes, create various licensing models for your software products.
Unlimited number of product images - Product Image Gallery.
Support Unlimited Manufacturers, Warehouses, Categories and Subcategories.
WYSIWYG Rich HTML Content Management for EVERY content page on your storefront.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support for Google, Yahoo and MSN. All Unique URL Pages (Nothing Hidden): Designed to allow search engines to fully crawl and index EVERY product & category page in your store. This can have a dramatic increase in site traffic from search engines.
Product Attributes Management - Unlimited Custom Attributes for your Products, supports tracking of inventory levels based on attributes of the product. E.g. T-Shirt with Logo and Size
Configure Related Products with a click on a button - Support One-To-Many Related Products. Unlimited Product Relationships at any of the category chain.
Vendor Management - Allows you to assign manufacturers to specific products including the IDs and specifications.
Supports "Customers who bought Also bought" for increased sales by customer shopping pattern intelligence.
Customer can browse products by category (Unlimited sub-categories deep) and brands/manufacturers.
Search capability allows user to search for exactly what they desire, search by keyword in a specific category or brand and keyword in a all categories and brands.
Customer can easily find related products while viewing product details page. A "related products" list all help the customer find and purchase products that are of their interest without further searches.
Unique progress pattern shows where you are in the checkout process at all times during checkout Process such as Cart, Shipping, Review and Confirmation.
Product Description can be divided into 4 customized sections : Product Description, Product Features, Technical Specs, Additional Info (all of which can be re-named to whatever you choose) or you can use Product Collaterals for Unlimited Product Specifications.
Product Image Gallery - Unlimited Images and Collateral for your products.
Product Collateral or Technical Specifications support for any product.
Support for Product Specials for High Volume Sales directly from your Storefront Home Page.
The search displays a particular manufacturer and their products. The user can view the list of featured products. These products are available at special discount for a limited duration in the showcase.
Customer can search by Product Name, Specific Category, Specific Brand or any combination of these. The quickest way to display the product the customer is searching for.
Automatic image sizing on image upload to ensure conformity across your store. Merchant settings allow complete control over the three standard image sizes (icon, thumbnail, and large image).
Capture user submitted text on the product pages for personalization, and monogramming.
Digital products can be associated with options. e.g. Select report format: Word, PDF or Text, and the appropriate file will be delivered to the customer at checkout.
Kits are based on products available in your store already and the customer can select the products they want in their bundle. Can be used for many purposes such as build your own gift basket, build your own computer, etc.
Number of products in stock, and re-order level. When number of products in stock is at or below the re-order level it will be shown on the re-order report and an email may be sent to your purchasing agent. On the re-order report, you can update inventory and re-order levels without having to go to each product individually.
Deliver digital goods using our robust digital delivery system. e.g. Software, Digital Reports, etc.
Specify a media key to unlock the file.
Set the number of maximum downloads, absolute timeout, and relative timeout. e.g. 3 days after the orders place or 24 hours after the initial download attempt.
Assign readme, and license agreement to a digital good as Product Collaterals
Hide products from customers without removing them from the database.
Temporary products feature allows all new products to display immediately. This feature is automated!
Dynamically Feature products on the Home Page or on the Category page to run effective marketing campaigns
Supports Listing of Most Popular Products per Category in Product Details page along with Related Products - Cross-selling at its best, this also give Enhanced Customer Buying Experience.
Supports Listing "Top Sellers" of the Store in the Home Page.
Available Options for every product - shows a list of accessories/attributes/options specifically for that product. The Price can can be dynamically displayed without a server post back.
Zoomify and Scene7 Image management support
Enforce product minimum order quantities

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