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Ranked among the top 100 commerce sites on the Internet, Intelius offers products and services ranging from basic people search to comprehensive HR background checks. They claim to have over 22 billion records in their databases at any given time and are currently the worlds largest background check provider. Intelius delivered over 3.2 Million reports […]


E-Renter was founded by Brenda Menkis and Guy Seeklus, both of which come from families who owned property, and who were consistently struggling with screening tenants for their rental units. During one such conversation, the phrase “there has to be an easier way to screen tenants” stuck in Guy’s brain…and E-Renter was born. The company […]

Trak-1 Technology

Trak-1 is a national data and online background check provider with an emphasis on employee, resident and volunteer screening. They provide a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions for today’s landlords, employers, volunteer organizations, and other professionals. Trak-1 has a national network of sales and administrative offices and a robust delivery platform. As with other […]

Instant Criminal Checks

Instant Criminal is an online provider of instant criminal background checks which are conducted electronically, giving you the background check results only seconds after you place your order. They have been serving the public since 2004 and provide affordable screening solutions to assist employers and landlords with the retrieval of public criminal records. Instant […]

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